Demand for iWatch devices matches pre-iPad launch levels

As interest in wearable technology begins to peak, MacRumors is reporting the results of a ChangeWave consumer survey that shows consumer sentiment is nearing the same levels as tablets just before the launch of the original iPad.
In April 2010, 14% of consumers surveyed were ‘somewhat likely’ to consider purchasing a tablet with 4% ‘very likely’. Compared with the up-coming Apple iWatch, the same percentage of consumers were ‘somewhat likely’ to consider the device with 5% ‘very likely’.… Read more

Bluetooth chip numbers to double by 2017

Bluetooth might be the poor cousin when it comes to wireless connectivity but the boom in tablets and smartphones is expect to see the number of chips shipped with Bluetooth functionality double by 2017.
According to EEtimes, specific Bluetooth chips or SoCs (system on a chip) with Bluetooth built-in are expected to top 3.1billion in 2017, up from 1.6billion in 2011 based on the latest reports from market research analysts IHS iSuppli.… Read more

ASUS brings Android 4.2.1 to MeMO Pad Smart 10

Taiwanese notebook and PC component maker ASUS has released a new Jelly Bean update for its MeMO Pad Smart 10 tablet.
The update to Android 4.2.1 has been released over the last couple of days, according to Android Police, takes the build number up to V10.6.1.15.
The download weighs in at 510MB however, at the moment, the update is only for US-sold units (or ‘SKUs’) and ASUS is warning against its use on tablets sold outside the US.… Read more

Adafruit upgrades new Raspberry Pi WebIDE

Arduino and accessories developer Adafruit has released a new version of their online Raspberry Pi web-development app called WebIDE.
While Adafruit has been busy listening to user suggestions, the major new option in this 0.3.7 Alpha release is the ability to install the IDE offline using the new -offline switch.
There’s a huge list of changes and it looks like the WebIDE could become a very nice way of learning how to code a Raspberry Pi, particularly with its colour-coding of instructions, allowing newer programmers a chance to understand how Python (the programming language most used on the Pi) works.… Read more

Power your mini PC or TV stick from two AA batteries

It’s fairly common to see a mini PC in the form of a TV stick require USB power. Even if your’s wasn’t supplied with one, AC mains USB power adapters are available everywhere for next to nothing. But if you have a single-core TV stick like the old CX-01 or the original Allwinner A10-powered MK802 or MK802+, there’s a pretty simple way you can power these particular units with just two AA batteries.… Read more

New Firefox OS smartphone to launch end of April

The Mozilla Foundation caused a few raised eyebrows when it announced it was producing its own operating system. However, one of the first fruits of its experiment is about the hit the global smartphone market.
Spanish retailer Geeksphone has just put its up-coming Keon M8666GP smartphone before the US FCC, according to, featuring the new Firefox OS.
Its list of specifications reads like most basic entry-level phones with its 3.5-inch display panel and 480×320-pixel (HVGA) resolution.… Read more

Mele launches S3 portable Wi-Fi storage hotspot

One of the main problems with many Android devices is there inability to expand storage if there’s no USB OTG or host port and no SD card storage.
Mini PC maker Mele has come out with a portable storage drive with built-in Lithium-ion battery and Wi-Fi connectivity.
The S3 comes with a built-in Ethernet port and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless networking options.… Read more

Bluetimes builds dual-core TV box/compact PC

Chipmaker AMLogic and its AML8726L Cortex A9 processor have been popular with enthusiasts given its ability to run Ubuntu Linux. But as points out, there aren’t too many devices with dual-core AMLogic chips floating around on the market.
Enter Bluetimes, one of the growing number of low-cost Chinese operators with a Mele-style TV box called the MX5, featuring AMLogic’s AML8726-M6 dual-core Cortex A9 processor. … Read more

New TV box features webcam and dual-core CPU

Webcams have mostly been single-function devices since time began but the growth in smart TVs has seen webcams take on extra functionality. has reported the release of a second-generation webcam/TV box called the EU2000. The device combines a mini PC with a 5MP webcam with auto-focus and built-in stereo microphones.
The mini PC is powered by Allwinner’s A20 dual-core low-power Cortex A7 processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash storage.… Read more

Sub-$100 tablet shipments to hit 100million in 2013

The boom in tablet sales has become a global event but you’d be wrong to think it only extends to the big-brand tablets from Samsung or Apple.
According to, shipments of budget Android tablets under $100 are expected to hit 100million by the end of 2013.
The report, based on upstream component suppliers, says that while tablet sales in this market topped 60million in 2012, many seven-inch tablets have now dropped to under $80 a unit.… Read more