New UHOST3 TV box set to launch

The recent Hong Kong Electronics Far uncovered a number of quad-core TV sticks/mini PCs about to the hit the market.
And according to Geek Gadgets, mini PC maker UHOST is set to join the ranks with its new UHOST3.
However, according to reports, the company hasn’t yet decided which CPU it will use – whether its Allwinner’s A31S or Rockchip’s RK3188.… Read more

Apple grabs 71% tablet market share in China: report

It appears the Chinese have become quite enamoured with Apple, given news the tablet and smartphone giant is indeed just that in the world’s most populous nation.
A report from claims that according to market research, Apple now has a stranglehold 71% share of consumer tablet in China, based on fourth-quarters results for 2012.
Lenovo takes second spot with a distant 10.2%, followed by Eben, Samsung and Acer rounding out the top-five.… Read more

[CPU specs] Rockchip RK3188

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CPURockchip RK3188
Family ArchitectureARM Cortex A9
Instruction SetARMv7-A
No of cores4
Clock SpeedUp to 1.8GHz
GPU Clock533MHz
GPU cores4
Semi production28nm
Memory SupportDDR-DDR3, 533MHz
Devices using itCube Pea II
Cube U30GT2
Rikomagic MK802 IV
Ugoos UG802B
Measy U4B
Tronsmart MK908

The RK3188 was announced in early 2013 as a lower-power updated version of the RK3066, Rockchip’s first quad-core CPU built on a 40nm process and clocking up to 1.6GHz in selected devices.

Google to launch LTE Nexus 4 in May

Google’s Nexus 4 has become one of the most popular smartphones on the market (if you can get hold of one) thanks largely to its big 4.7-inch screen, fast quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064 processor and it’s comparatively low price tag.
However, two features that are commonly mentioned as being missing are 4G/LTE network connectivity and greater internal storage.
Ubergizmo is reporting that this situation looks set to change come this May, when Google is expected to announce a 32GB/LTE version of the Nexus 4 and its yearly Google I/O conference.… Read more

NAND flash market worth $30billion in 2013: report

Non-volatile flash memory has made a whole range of products possible, everything from digital cameras to TVs and beyond.
But on the back of the stellar growth in smartphones and tablets, EETimes is reporting the global flash market will increase to $30billion this year, a 12% increase over 2012′s $26.8billion market.
The news is based on research from market analysts IC Insights and what’s interesting from the results is that the smartphone now accounts for 26% of the market, still more than twice that of tablet’s 12% market share.… Read more

ASUS launches huge Transformer tablet/All-in-One

Taiwanese notebook and PC component maker ASUS has launched a new all-in-one into the Australian market.
The Transformer All-in-One is a tablet/all-in-one with an 18.4-inch touchscreen display.
The unit looks like a standard all-in-one until you press the lock release button and the screen becomes one of the largest tablets on the market.
The TFAiO when working as an all-in-one is powered by an Intel Core i-series processor with Nvidia GeForce GT 730M GPU and Windows 8 operating system.… Read more

Use your notebook as monitor/keyboard for your Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm over the last 12 months.
The tiny ARM-powered computer selling for between $35 and $50 around the world is making it possible for anyone to afford a computer and learn how to program.
However, until now, you’ve always had to bring your own keyboard, monitor and network connection.
Meltwater has come up with a simple method for using any notebook or computer to act as a remote terminal for the Pi – all you need is a network cable between the two, that plus the Raspberry Pi operating system on an SD card plus a 5VDC/700mA power supply running the Pi.… Read more

Windows 8.1 leak shows new ‘kiosk mode’

We’ve seen a couple of leaks of the up-coming Windows 8.1 aka Windows Blue operating system. Now another leak has hit the web, this time, Build 9374.
This latest build, according to TweakTown, shows of one of the first new features – a new ‘kiosk mode’.
The option is part of Windows’ settings screen, under ‘Users’ and likely to be used by businesses wanting to create a single-application experience for consumers, such as digital photo print systems.… Read more

Power a mini PC in your car for less than $1

Mini PCs, whether in the form of TV set-top boxes or TV sticks, have taken the market by storm, offering ARM-grade computing on a miniature scale with support for Android and, in many cases, Linux as well.
We’ve already talked about how to run a single-core mini PC like the original MK802 or the lower-powered CX-01 on two AA batteries, but it’s also possible to run these devices in your car.… Read more

Demand for iWatch devices matches pre-iPad launch levels

As interest in wearable technology begins to peak, MacRumors is reporting the results of a ChangeWave consumer survey that shows consumer sentiment is nearing the same levels as tablets just before the launch of the original iPad.
In April 2010, 14% of consumers surveyed were ‘somewhat likely’ to consider purchasing a tablet with 4% ‘very likely’. Compared with the up-coming Apple iWatch, the same percentage of consumers were ‘somewhat likely’ to consider the device with 5% ‘very likely’.… Read more