New quad-core CUBE U39GT packs in 1920×1080 I-PS screen


Chinese tablet brand CUBE has been churning out some pretty decent models over the last little while and the new CUBE U39GT shouldn’t disappoint. It’s one a massive number of models based on Rockchip’s RK3188 quad-core SoC CPU but is accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash, preloaded with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system. Many tablets are still coming with only 1GB of RAM so having 2GB is a good move by CUBE.… Read more

Aoson M30 Extreme Edition gets quad-core upgrade


Chinese tablet maker Aoson is about to give its 9.7-inch Retina-paneled tablet an upgrade, upping its dual-core CPU to a quad-core model and a name rebadge to Aoson M30 Extreme Edition.
The new model will retain the 9.7-inch iPad-like Retina-grade I-PS panel from the Deluxe Edition but see an upgrade from its original dual-core RK3066 SoC CPU to Rockchip’s popular RK3188 quad-core offering.  … Read more

Surface RT experiment costs Microsoft $900million


It was meant to be part of Microsoft’s grand plan to expand its Windows empire beyond the X86 desktop and into the world of tablets, taking on Apple and Google at their own game. However, it seems someone may have forgotten to tell the punters, as the company revealed in its latest fourth-quarter figures for the 2013 financial year it has taken a $900million charge for what it calls ‘Surface RT inventory adjustments‘.… Read more

Rumour: New Google Nexus 7 tablet launching July 20 or 24


It looks as though we can expect Google to launch its second-generation tablet within the next week, after photos emerge of stock screens pricing the new Nexus 7 and an upcoming press conference scheduled for July 24.
Androidcentral has been sent this screen grab of a SKU screen showing pricing for the Nexus 7-inch tablet at $229 for the 16GB version and $269 for the 32GB model.… Read more

Colorfly CT974 Ivory 3 with Retina I-PS screen, 32GB of storage for $180


Chinese brand Colorfly has been pumping out Android tablets for the last little while but it’s looking like its about to deliver a very decent quad-core model in the upcoming Colorfly CT974 Ivory 3.
It’s a 9.7-inch chassis with iPad-like Retina display made from I-PS LCD technology with 2048×1536-pixel resolution. It’s powered by Allwinner’s A31 quad-core Cortex A7 SoC CPU, accompanied by 2GB of RAM and up to 32GB of on-board flash, preloaded with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system.… Read more

Quad-core Freelander PX2 tablet packs in I-PS panel, 3G, GPS


Chinese tablet brand Freelander has been churning out GPS-equipped tablets of late and another one has just hit the streets in the Freelander PX2.
This is another 7-inch tablet, powered by MediaTek’s quad-core MT8389 Cortex A7 SoC CPU, one one of the current crop of SoCs with integrated 3G voice/data and as a result, the PX2 can make phone calls. You also get two SIM card slots for that endeavour. … Read more

ICOO ICOU7LP 7-inch tablet has more resolution than iPad mini


Chinese tablet maker ICOO has launched a new 7-inch tablet with an I-PS screen with more resolution that iPad mini called the ICOO ICOU7LP.
The new tablet features a 7.0-inch touchscreen panel built from in-plane switching (I-PS) LCD technology with 1280×800-pixel resolution, powered by Actions Semi’s ATM7029 quad-core Cortex A7 SoC CPU. The panel is driven by the chip’s Vivante GC1000 graphics engine.… Read more

Colorfly U781 Q1 super-thin quad-core tablet goes on sale today


Chinese tablet maker Colorfly has finally begun shipping its thinner-than-ipad-mini tablet, the Colorfly U781 Q1.
The iPad mini look-alike has the same basic shape as Apple’s smaller tablet but is only 6.8mm thick (the Apple iPad mini is 7.45mm thick).
Selling for Y899 (approx $149), the U781 Q1 features a 7.85-inch chassis and 1024×768-pixel I-PS touchscreen panel. The tablet is powered by Allwinner’s A31S quad-core SoC CPU, which in turn drives the I-PS panel with PowerVR’s fast SGX544MP2 graphics engine.… Read more