Five things to do with a mini PC

Mini PCs are often seen as toy computers but they generally have as much computing power as a smartphone, tablet – and even a network-attached storage (NAS) device.
With 700,000 apps now available courtesy of Android, your Mini PC might be capable of lot of more than you think.
Here are just five things we’ve thought of that a mini PC can handle:
1.… Read more

New SDK2.0 software nets big performance gains on Rockchip RK3188 SoC

Rockchip has announced the release of a new SDK2.0 firmware for its popular RK3188 SoC CPU.
The Chinese ARM chip maker made the announcement of a new firmware design for the quad-core processor that offers a surprising gain in performance levels.
According to, among the features are the ability to playback video on screens up to 2048×1536-pixel (Retina) resolution without frame loss at up to 60 frames per second (fps).… Read more

It’s official – Netflix coming to The Netherlands in ‘late 2013′

One of the most popular uses for mini PCs, along with smartphones and tablets with HDMI output functionality, is to stream TV shows and movies from the US streaming giant Netflix.
It’s single-fee-per-month streaming service has gained the company considerable popularity around the world, including countries where it isn’t officially available yet.
However, it looks like Netflix is ready to tick off another western European country from its ‘must get to’ list with news that the service will arrive in the Netherlands some time this year.… Read more

CPU-Z for Android appears on Google Play

For finding out what’s inside your Windows computer in terms of its engine room hardware, there probably isn’t a tool better for the job than CPU-Z. It’s ability to slice through your CPU’s features and come up with a detailed, compact list is legendary. It’s been around since the early days of Intel’s Pentium 4 CPU and has been keeping pace with desktop mainstream CPU developments ever since.… Read more

Ubuntu 12.04 boots natively on RK3188 mini PC

It’s been a while coming – well, getting hold of the source code – but for the first time, someone has managed to get Ubuntu 12.04 with Xfce desktop (which would more than likely make it Xubuntu 12.04) to boot on an RK3188-powered Tronsmart T428 mini PC.
[Linuxium] has managed to come up with a method that not only boots the OS on the mini PC, you do it from a MicroSD card, which when removed, doesn’t affect your internal Android OS.… Read more

Turn any Android 2.2+ smartphone into a wireless micro server

You have to love how technology endlessly progresses. You might not like the latest gear but it always – always – makes previous generation stuff cheaper. And nowhere is this more true than with smartphones. At time of writing, there were dozens of cheap Android smartphones running version 2.1 or newer selling for under $100, phones that have been long superseded by faster models with newer operating systems and bigger screens.… Read more

Google releases stock 4.2 keyboard to Google Play

Search and phone giant Google has released yet another piece of its latest operating system onto Google Play, the stock 4.2 keyboard.
You can get it directly from here at the Google Play store. You need at least Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) to use it but it’s a clever way of Google being able to update the keyboard (and getting rid of bugs in the earlier versions) without requiring users – or telcos – go through the mind-numbing and tortuously-slow process of getting an OS update qualified and pushed out to users.… Read more

Raspberry Pi gets even easier to use, thanks to NOOBS

Yep, you read that right. NOOBS is making it easier for, er, beginners, to get up and running with the Raspberry Pi, the tiny low-cost computer that has taken the world by storm.
NOOBS is short for New Out Of Box Software, but as its name suggests, it’s aimed at a specific group who may have had trouble in getting the Pi up and running.… Read more