Google kills off Chromecast local streaming apps – for now


Chromecast has become arguably the second-most popular mini PC on the planet after the Raspberry Pi with its low-cost and ability to stream video from the web, controlled by a PC, tablet or smartphone.
However, not long after its launch, developers found a way to add in the one missing feature many users were looking for – the ability to stream local video content.… Read more

Cydia Impactor uses vulernability to root Android devices including Google Glass


Gaining root access to any Android device can be a complex route of ¬†firmware flashing that is often ‘horses for courses’, relying on different techniques for different Android devices.
Cydia Impactor is different. Using what’s known as the Android ‘Master Key’ vulnerability, Cydia Impactor is a ‘work in progress’ Windows or MacOS X app that allows you to gain root access to most Android device,¬†including Google Glass, by simply connecting it up to your computer and running this app.… Read more

Himedia A7 TV box mini PC to launch with dual-core HiSilicon CPU


Chinese mini PC brand Himedia has launched what we think is the first mini PC featuring a HiSilicon processor in the new Himedia A7 TV box mini PC.
It’s a compact model well stocked with peripheral ports but runs HiSilicon’s 3718 dual-core Cortex A9 SoC CPU, the first time we’ve seen this chip but not the first time Himedia has used it – that honour belongs to the Himedia Q5 II TV box mini PC.… Read more

Inctel IN-I160C X86 mini PC goes for $94 plus shipping


The Atom N270 processor was the first genuine ‘netbook’ CPU from Intel and rode the netbook wave for much of 2008 and 2009. Today, that old 1.6GHz single-core CPU is still getting a run inside new low-cost ‘thin client’ PCs coming out of China. These models began appearing late in 2012 with prices of around $120, but with the march of time, we’ve just seen the first one – an Inctel IN-I160C model – become available for under $100.… Read more

Microsoft Windows 8.1 to go RTM ‘end of August’


Microsoft Windows boss Tami Reller today announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference that its follow-up Windows 8.1 operating system update will be ‘released to manufacture’ (RTM) by the end of August this year.
At the same time, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) will be able to access the Windows 8.1 release and begin preparing new products for release in time for the festive season, the company announced on its Windows blog today.… Read more

App Store turns 5, Apple gives away free apps, games


Apple’s App Store turns five so the company is celebrating by giving away what it calls five ‘landmark’ apps and games. You can grab them free for a limited time from the App Store (links below).
Five Landmark Apps
Barefoot World Atlas
Learn about the world, its nations and its wonders through this dazzling interactive globe
Day One (Journal / Diary)
Record movements every day using photos, places and words with this intuitive journal
How to Cook Everything
Learn to cook more than 2,000 gourmet recipes using this robust kitchen companion
Help your photos stand out by adding custom captions, logos and stylish doodles
Traktor DJ for iPhone
Mix like a pro with a DJ app that puts industry-leading features right at your fingertips
Five Landmark Games.¬†… Read more

HOW-TO: Connect up an NTFS drive to a mini PC


Mini PCs are great for using as compact wireless media players and just general low-cost computers, but if they have a fault, its their inability to handle NTFS hard drives straight out of the box. Android (at least as of 4.0) doesn’t support it so if you have an older MK802 or similar mini PC, accessing files stored on NTFS-formatted drives is impossible.… Read more

Chess for Raspberry Pi – in ASM with no operating system


The compact, low-cost computer that is the Raspberry Pi has already spawned what seems like a million different great ideas, everything from space photography to 3D printing. But in some aspects, many of these ideas have been made possible by the excellent Raspbian and other Linux operating systems that exist for it.
But the Raspberry Pi team today found out about a group who turned a Pi into a game of chess.… Read more