ROM Roundup – new ROM releases for Hyundai T7, Measy U4B, CX-919, iMito QX1

We’re starting up a new regular column call ROM Roundup to keep track of the ROM releases for various mini PCs, tablets and smartphones. Sign up or simply search for ROM Roundup to find the latest news of ROMs for favourite devices.
Hyundai Digital… Read more has released a new official stock Android 4.2 ROM for its T7 tablet. This ROM replaces the original Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) release and is said to be much smoother.

CX-919 gets new Finless 4.1.1 ROM, 4.2.2 coming soon

The ever-busy ROM maker Finless has been at it again, churning out a new custom Android 4.1.1 ROM for the popular new CX-919 mini PC.
He’s labelled it ‘Finless 1.4′ but also acknowledged that his ‘timing is a little off’ given that the new official CX-919 Android 4.2.2 ROM has just been released.
Nevertheless, Finless has started work on a custom 4.2.2 work and will release it shortly.… Read more

PIPO launches M9 Android 4.2 update ROM

Were you one of those early adopters who picked up a PIPO M9 10.1-inch tablet with Android 4.1, only wishing you waited until the company started selling the Android 4.2 version? Well, relax – you can now update the device yourself.
PIPO has released a Android 4.2 ROM update for the M9 tablet that you can pick up from’s MediaFire account here.… Read more