New MINIX X7 ROM firmware built with RK3188 SDK2.0


While Rockchip’s RK3188 quad-core SoC CPU has become the driving force behind many tablets and mini PCs during the last six months, its performance on some models hasn’t been well optimised. That became evident when Rockchip announced a new SDK2.0 release for the chip which offered considerably improved video playback capabilities.
Rumours are that while many new RK3188-based tablets such as the PIPO U8 and CUBE U30GT2 are receiving the new SDK2.0 kernel build, many mini PCs are built using the original SDK1.0.… Read more

Mini PC crossroads – is ROM development too rushed?


It’s worth remembering that the mini PC craze is only a bit more than a year old, thanks to the near-together but unrelated launches of the Raspberry Pi and the MK802 mini PCs. But these days with many more models now available, you read through the forums and the main complaints aren’t generally a lack of features or RAM or flash storage or extras.… Read more

Cydia Impactor uses vulernability to root Android devices including Google Glass


Gaining root access to any Android device can be a complex route of ¬†firmware flashing that is often ‘horses for courses’, relying on different techniques for different Android devices.
Cydia Impactor is different. Using what’s known as the Android ‘Master Key’ vulnerability, Cydia Impactor is a ‘work in progress’ Windows or MacOS X app that allows you to gain root access to most Android device,¬†including Google Glass, by simply connecting it up to your computer and running this app.… Read more

New Finless ROM 1.5 for MINIX NEO X7 STB mini PC


After a enforced hiatus, custom mini PC ROM maker, Finless Bob, is back on the job and has just released a new Finless ROM 1.5 release, this time for the popular MINIX NEO X7 STB mini PC.
The administrator has been impressed with the MINIX ROMs of late, using the Neo X7 release as the basis for another Finless ROM 1.5 for the iMito QX1.… Read more

Whatever happened to Android for Raspberry Pi?


One of the earliest operating system projects discussed in the same breath as the Raspberry Pi was Google’s Android. Back on July 31 last year, the Raspberry Pi Foundation posted on its blog that ‘Android 4.0 is coming!‘, but unfortunately, apart from some early screenshots of an ‘alpha’ build, no official Android OS for the compact $25 computer has since been released.… Read more

iMito QX1 mini PC gets new Finless ROM 1.5 firmware based on Android 4.2.2


The iMito QX1 is a popular quad-core TV stick style mini PC based on Rockchip’s RK3188 quad-core Cortex A9 SoC CPU and while it has already received the ‘Finless’ treatment, custom ROM maker Finless Bob has released a new Finless ROM 1.5 version for the QX1.
Announced this morning over at, the new ROM is said to be an improvement over version 1.4 and takes its base from the MiniX NEO X7 set-top box ROM, which Finless Bob describes as ‘a lot better’.… Read more

New factory-made MK908 ROM firmware improves Wi-Fi


The MK908 TV stick mini PC is essentially the quad-core follow-up to the original MK808 that featured Rockchip’s first-generation RK3066 dual-core SoC CPU.
Now there’s a new factory-created MK908 ROM dated 08.02.2013… Read more available for the quad-core RK3188 chip-powered mini PC.
According to, the ROM fixes two issues that troubled the original MK908 release – it overcomes shutdown problems and it claims to improve wireless functionality.

Google patches Chromecast bootloader hole, blocks root access


It hasn’t taken long for Chromecast maker Google to plug up the bootloader hole exploited by hackers to gain root access to the company’s new media player.
An OTA (over the air) update released yesterday applies a patch which blocks up the hole, according to GTVhacker, who only days before had outlined the exploit which, while said to be unlikely useful to general users, allowed researchers and developers to launch a root shell on port 23.… Read more