Specifications – Samsung Galaxy W SM-T255 smartphone


The bigger-than-Ben-Hur-screen smartphone market is gaining another new model, this time thanks to Samsung, with news the Korean giant is launching the sizeable new Galaxy W. There’s a good list of inclusions to gain some attention, such as a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU delivering up to 1.2GHz of processing power and a cache of 1.5 GB of RAM to play with.… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch price announced


Samsung Australia has announced that pre-orders for its Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch started this afternoon at 2pm at the Samsung Experience stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Word is the device will go on sale at selected retailers on October 3 with a recommended retail price of $AUD369.
The device is designed to be a companion to the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone but has some nifty features such as audio/video recording through the on-board 1.9MP camera (it’s able to capture 720p video in H.264 format). … Read more

Apple iPhone 5c price premium in Australia


It was the phone originally rumoured to go on sale for $99 but there are other questions set to be ask about pricing regarding the new Apple iPhone 5c.
There have long been concerns in Australia that Australian consumers were at the back of the queue when it came to global technology pricing, so much so, that the country’s federal parliament ran an inquiry into technology pricing, the report of which was tabled on July 29 this year.… Read more

Apple iPhone 5c announced, presales Sept 13, on sale Sept 20


Any thoughts that Apple would make a budget smartphone have disappeared out the window with the release of the ‘colourful’ Apple iPhone 5c.
Announced overnight, the 5c was the phone originally rumoured to be set for release at $99. If only it were true. The new model features a polycarbonate shell housing a 4-inch Retina display powered by Apple’s A6 processor and new iOS 7 operating system.… Read more

Motorola Moto X has just $12 in US manufacture costs ($209 in parts)


A recent teardown of the new Motorola Moto X mid-range smartphone has revealed some interesting figures, the first being that the total cost of the phone in manufacturing sets the company back approximately $221.
The phone is gaining attention for being one of the rare models that is manufactured in the US, rather than China where the bulk of phones are built by the likes of Foxconn and other OEMs.… Read more

Google Nexus 4 drops start price to $199 in US, $249 in Australia


Search and phone giant Google has taken the axe to its Nexus 4 smartphone pricing, lopping $100 off the price of the LG-built models. That sees the 8GB model on sale in the US for just $199 and $249 in Australia.
The 16GB release sells in the US for $249 and Australia gets it for $299.
Currently, the 16GB model is selling at retail from Harvey Norman stores in Australia for $419 – $120 more than the Google Play price.… Read more

New rumour has Apple launching iOS 7 to all devices September 10


It’s that time of year again when Apple rumour numbers start to rocket up as we inevitably get closer to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S and its eagerly anticipated ‘budget’ phone, the iPhone 5C. While the latest rumours are that Apple will launch the phones on September 10 for sale on September 20, a new rumour is gathering a head of steam that the Cupertino giant will also launch its latest mobile operating system, iOS 7 at the same announcement.… Read more

How to improve Wi-Fi speed


For most of us, creating a Wi-Fi home network is pretty much a case of buying a wireless ADSL router, plugging it into the phone line and plonking it down in the corner. We then grab our wireless device, switch on the Wi-Fi adapter, get a signal, log in and away we go. However, the transmission of radio waves (for that’s what a Wi-Fi access point is really doing) is a bit of a black art and just because you’re “getting a signal” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a high-quality one.… Read more