Migoal TransMaker TR10/TR11 turns Galaxy S3/S4 smartphones into 10/11-inch tablet laptops


If you think about it, the only difference between most tablets and smartphones is a larger screen, a larger battery and keyboard. The new Migoal TransMaker aims to take those differences away by being able to turn a Galaxy S3 or S4 smartphone into a 10.1 or 11.6-inch tablet notebook.
Unlike the Motorola Lapdock, the TransMaker allows you to slot your phone into the back of the screen but then detach the screen from the keyboard base to give you the option of a large-screen tablet.… Read more

SparqEE CELLv1.0 Kickstarter to add cellular to Arduino and Raspberry Pi


Mini PCs and microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, respectively, have spawned a number of add-on modules – or in the case of Arduino, ‘shields’ – that provide new functionality. New startup brand SparqEE is endeavouring to bring cell network access to these devices through a Kickstarter venture to launch its SparqEE CELLv1.0 Kit.
The kit combines a compact cell quad-band GSM/WCDMA transceiver with an optional voltage level translator to give your project cell/data access.… Read more

Brother PJ-673 mobile printer designed for iPhones, iPads


Japanese printer manufacturer Brother has just launched a super-compact thermal printer said to be specifically designed for the squillions of iPad and iPhone owners called the Brother PJ-673.
Essentially a fax machine-like print engine that travels, the PocketJet PJ-673 connects to your iPhone or iPad via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection (connection exclusively between your device and the printer) and can print up to full A4 page size with a resolution max of 300 dots per inch (dpi).… Read more

CheapCast project turns any mini PC, smartphone or tablet into Chromecast clone


Google may have created a new product for coders to rave over in its Chromecast dongle, but given the level of hardware inside it (which isn’t all that much), it’s surprising we haven’t heard of something similar being done with the existing billions of mini PCs on the market.
We’ve already told you about the new AirCast app that gives Chromecast more Miracast-like features such as direct-streaming from your Android phone.… Read more

AirCast app gets content from your Android phone to Chromecast dongle


Google’s Chromecast dongle has grabbed plenty of attention in the US and around the world, but the device itself is somewhat limited to more remote-control like use rather than direct-streaming possible with alternatives such as Miracast.
However, developer Koushik Dutta of ‘clockworkmod’ fame has reversed engineered the Chromecast protocols and has release a first-up ‘test build’ of an app called AirCast that makes it possible to stream content – music, video, images – direct to the Chromecast dongle over your Wi-Fi network.… Read more

Measy U2C-D turns a TV stick mini PC into a desktop computer


One of the problems with USB stick-style mini PCs is how to hold them effectively when there are cables coming and going all over the place – and especially when the mini PC has a camera. Mini PC brand Measy has come up with a unique solution called the Measy U2C-D and while it looks to be primarily designed for its own mini PCs, we can’t see why it wouldn’t work for any HDMI plug-chassis style model as well.… Read more

How to power a Raspberry Pi from your car battery


The Raspberry Pi mini PC requires 5VDC power at around 500-700mA, so you can’t just plug it into your car’s 13.8V power system and expect it to survive. But there are a couple of simple options to getting a Pi powered up and running from your car’s electrical system.
The first is a USB car power adapter that plugs straight into your car’s cigarette lighter.… Read more

Q&A: Is there any difference between Chromecast and Miracast hardware?


Q: Is there any difference between Chromecast and Miracast hardware?
A: Actually, not that much. With iFixit‘s Chromecast teardown documenting the device as featuring Marvell’s new Armada 1500-mini (88DE3005-A1) SoC CPU, 512MB of DDR RAM, 2GB of flash plus an Azurewave Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip, it’s even less hardware than what you’d find from most mini PCs today.
But Chinese ARM chip maker Rockchip recently showed off a prototype Miracast dongle it believes could be made for $10, featuring a single-core Rockchip RK2928 SoC CPU and most likely similar levels of RAM and flash plus a Wi-Fi chip.… Read more