Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch price announced


Samsung Australia has announced that pre-orders for its Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch started this afternoon at 2pm at the Samsung Experience stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Word is the device will go on sale at selected retailers on October 3 with a recommended retail price of $AUD369.
The device is designed to be a companion to the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone but has some nifty features such as audio/video recording through the on-board 1.9MP camera (it’s able to capture 720p video in H.264 format). … Read more

New Sandisk Extreme Pro 256GB CF does 65MB/s write speed for 4K video capture


Flash memory maker Sandisk has just launched what it claims is the fastest CompactFlash card in its new Sandisk Extreme Pro.
The card packs in 256GB of storage but with a ‘VPG-65′ rating. The new ‘Video Performance Guarantee’ means the card delivers a minimum 65MB/second write speed, enough for it to be certified for use in capturing 4K (4096×2160-pixel) resolution video.… Read more

Mocreo M1 leads new low-cost Rockchip-powered Miracast dongles onto the market


A few weeks ago, we reported on Rockchip’s plans to release a Miracast dongle design based on its single-core RK2928 SoC CPU. Well, it looks like its landed on the market in the form of the new Mocreo M1.
The HDMI stick, selling for $26 on, clocks at 1GHz and comes with almost a ‘pick a number’ amount of RAM (anywhere between 64MB and 256MB).… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Gear watch to arrive September 4


While rumours are starting to spread that Apple may be delaying the launch of its iWatch smartwatch until next year, Samsung-watching website Sammobile has reported confirmation that the Korean giant will launch its Samsung Galaxy Gear smartphone in a local event on September 4.
While there were early rumours that the watch would offer voice-calling capabilities, it has since been confirmed that the Galaxy Gear will be a smartwatch companion to various Samsung phones and won’t include SIM card or voice function.… Read more

Google kills off Chromecast local streaming apps – for now


Chromecast has become arguably the second-most popular mini PC on the planet after the Raspberry Pi with its low-cost and ability to stream video from the web, controlled by a PC, tablet or smartphone.
However, not long after its launch, developers found a way to add in the one missing feature many users were looking for – the ability to stream local video content.… Read more

How to measure power consumption of a mini PC


WARNING: Electricity can be dangerous if you don’t treat it with respect. If you follow the circuit, it will work but because we can’t control how you use it, this info comes with no warranty whatsoever – you use it at your own risk.
Quite often, the simplest way to measure power consumption of a mini PC is to simply throw an AC power meter onto the power brick feeding your device and take a look at the reading.… Read more

How to improve Wi-Fi speed


For most of us, creating a Wi-Fi home network is pretty much a case of buying a wireless ADSL router, plugging it into the phone line and plonking it down in the corner. We then grab our wireless device, switch on the Wi-Fi adapter, get a signal, log in and away we go. However, the transmission of radio waves (for that’s what a Wi-Fi access point is really doing) is a bit of a black art and just because you’re “getting a signal” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a high-quality one.… Read more

Migoal TransMaker TR10/TR11 turns Galaxy S3/S4 smartphones into 10/11-inch tablet laptops


If you think about it, the only difference between most tablets and smartphones is a larger screen, a larger battery and keyboard. The new Migoal TransMaker aims to take those differences away by being able to turn a Galaxy S3 or S4 smartphone into a 10.1 or 11.6-inch tablet notebook.
Unlike the Motorola Lapdock, the TransMaker allows you to slot your phone into the back of the screen but then detach the screen from the keyboard base to give you the option of a large-screen tablet.… Read more