New Sandisk Extreme Pro 256GB CF does 65MB/s write speed for 4K video capture


Flash memory maker Sandisk has just launched what it claims is the fastest CompactFlash card in its new Sandisk Extreme Pro.

The card packs in 256GB of storage but with a ‘VPG-65′ rating. The new ‘Video Performance Guarantee’ means the card delivers a minimum 65MB/second write speed, enough for it to be certified for use in capturing 4K (4096×2160-pixel) resolution video.

The launch coincides with a refresh of the Extreme Pro range and now comes in ‘binary’ capacities from 16GB to 256GB. However, these cards don’t come cheap. While Sandisk hasn’t priced every model, it has said the 16GB card will sell in Australia for $259 while the 256GB offering will sell for a whopping $2199.

The 256GB card delivers read speeds up to 160MB/second, so it’s faster than a standard hard drive. Sandisk is backing the card with a lifetime guarantee and the new range is designed to handle temperature ranges of -13F to 185F. (Interestingly, ‘lifetime’ in Germany, Canada and other countries that do not allow lifetime warranties means ’30 years’.)

The cards go on sale at the end of September.

With 4K TVs beginning to take off, demand for 4K content is likely to grow and it will need high-speed storage to capture the high video bit rate of 4K video. But like most new technology, this stuff certainly doesn’t come cheap and makes 2.5-inch solid-state drives look like a real bargain in comparison.

Sandisk’s Extreme Pro isn’t the only card rated to UDMA 7 standard. Rival Lexar also offers its Lexar Professional 1000X series however, it’s only rated to VPG-20 (20MB/sec) and comes in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB capacities.

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