Android mini PC brand Ditter launches new V20 and V21 TV stick models

ditterv21Android mini PC brand Ditter looks to have been around for a little while with a number of dual-core mini PCs on the market but it appears to have just launched two new quad-core TV stick models in the V20 and V21 models.

The V21 runs Allwinner’s A31 quad-core Cortex A7 SoC CPU – while it’s not as flashy as Rockchip’s RK3188 quad Cortex A9 offering, the A31 does include PowerVR’s highly regarded SGX544 MP2 eight-core GPU, which should make gaming a sweet passtime. As for accompanying hardware, it follows the 1GB DDR3/8GB flash tradition, preloaded with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system.

The V21 packs in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless networking along with an external antenna, similar to the CX-919 we’ve looked at in the past. Some are reporting the V21 comes with Bluetooth and while indeed some retailers are saying it ‘supports’ Bluetooth, they’re also saying it supports RJ45 Ethernet, so we’ll wait and see before we stick our neck out that far. It may very well support Bluetooth but with no version specified and no Bluetooth logo anywhere on the device or its packaging from what we can see, we’re not ready to definitely say it does.

The on-board storage can be expanded via the usual MicroSD card slot, which is good for up to 32GB per card. You also get a USB2.0 host port plus two microUSB ports – one for OTG function and the other for DC power input.

The V20 uses the same chassis but runs Rockchip’s RK3188 quad-core Cortex A9 SoC CPU instead. It also comes with double the RAM at 2GB. Again, retailer descriptions say this one supports Bluetooth – and RJ45 Ethernet – so that needs confirmation if having Bluetooth is important to you.

Otherwise, they’re pretty much identical – except for price. On Focalprice, you’ll pay around $65 for the V21 and $82 for the Rockchip-powered V20. That goes up to $70 on Aliexpress for the V21; no resellers have the V20 on sale as yet on that site.

There’s no doubting the Allwinner A31 and Rockchip RK3188 quad-core chips are the two most popular options amongst mini PC makers – and by a large margin. But it often leaves buyers pondering which is the better option.

From what we’ve seen so far, it comes down to three things – gaming performance, general CPU capabilities and ROM stability. Despite only feature Cortex A7 cores, the A31 has that eight-core SGX544 MP2 GPU, which should still deliver better overall gaming speed than the quad-core ARM Mali-400 MP4. To be fair, the end result will depend on the clock speed of these GPUs and that information isn’t readily available with these two mini PCs.

As for a straight-line CPU sprint, the Rockchip RK3188 with its four Cortex A9 cores should take that one quite comfortably. The Cortex A9 is a faster core technology to start with compared with the A7 but it also has the benefit of a higher clock speed – usually 1.6GHz versus a usual maximum of 1.2GHz for the A31.

But finally, you need to read around on various forums about ROM stability – since the V20 and V21 mini PCs appear to be brand-new and just released, we’ll have to wait to see how they perform.

You’ll find our usual specifications table (this time combining both devices) at the jump.


ModelDitter V21Ditter V20
ProcessorAllwinner A31 quad-core Cortex A7Rockchip RK3188 quad-core Cortex A9
ClockUp to 1GHzUp to 1.6GHz
GPU typePowerVR SGX544 MP2ARM Mali-400 MP4
Operating systemAndroid 4.2 (Jelly Bean)Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Internal storage8GB8GB
External storageMicroSD, up to 32GBMicroSD, up to 32GB
Wi-Fi connectivity802.11b/g/n (inc. external antenna)802.11b/g/n (inc. external antenna)
BluetoothNo (TBC)No (TBC)
No./type of USB ports1 x USB2.0 host, 1 x microUSB OTG1 x USB2.0 host, 1 x microUSB OTG
HDMI form factorv1.4v1.4
Dimensions100 x 41 x 11mm100 x 41 x 11mm
Weight36 grams36 grams
Announce DateAugust 2013August 2013

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