Ivy Bridge notebooks to live on until 2014


Chip giant Intel may well have released its new Haswell family of desktop and mobile CPUs, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily see the end of its Ivy Bridge predecessor any time soon.

According to a report from Taiwanese news website Digitimes.com, the retail channel is expected to continue going through their existing backlog of Ivy Bridge notebooks before any heavy promotion of the latest-generation models.

Citing unnamed sources, the report says demand of new Haswell notebooks isn’t expect to begin accelerating until the first half of next year. However, Intel is very likely to launch its Broadwell follow-up in June 2014 with new desktop CPUs, followed by new releases in its mobile range based on more power-efficient 14-nanometre production scale. A small production scale generally allows for an increase in clock speed and performance for the same level of heat production or a similar clock speed for a reduction in power consumption (and an increase in battery life).

Intel uses a biennial ‘tick-tock’ production timeline whereby the ‘tick’ introduces a new smaller production scale process and the ‘tock’ advances features and performance on the then-mature platform. The chip giant launched Haswell in June with lower power consumption a major selling point and a ground-up design parameter for the first time in an entire Intel chip family.

So what does that all mean for you? If you’re in the market for a new notebook over the next six months, it’ll pay to ask whether the notebook carries an Ivy Bridge or Haswell CPU before you hand over your cash.

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