New rumour has Apple launching iOS 7 to all devices September 10


It’s that time of year again when Apple rumour numbers start to rocket up as we inevitably get closer to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S and its eagerly anticipated ‘budget’ phone, the iPhone 5C.¬†While the latest rumours are that Apple will launch the phones on September 10 for sale on September 20, a new rumour is gathering a head of steam that the Cupertino giant will also launch its latest mobile operating system, iOS 7 at the same announcement.

What’s more, the rumour is that it will go GA-status – ‘general availability’ on the day of the announcement, before the new phones become available.

The rumour comes from what is being purported to be an email¬†from Siri-developer, Nuance. In an email to Nuance developers about iOS7′s voice recognition kit and published by New Zealander Owen Williams, the email begins “As you are probably aware, iOS7 GA will be released on September 10″.

Since his original post, Williams has updated it saying that Nuance has either removed the email from its server or the email server ‘mysteriously broke’. If true, its disappearance will be of little surprise to no-one.

As is the usual case, Apple doesn’t comment on any unreleased tech, although Williams speculates whether Nuance actually meant to say that the ‘Gold Master’ (GM, equivalent to Microsoft’s RTM or Release To Manufacture) would be available on September 10, rather than GA (General Availability).

So at this stage, it could be just a slip of the keyboard or it could be true – iOS 7 will go live for all on September 10. Whatever the case, we won’t have long to wait to find out.

Computing giant Apple is expected to launch shortly a new range of iPhones including the first budget/mid-range model, the iPhone 5C. According to many reportedly leaked photos, the new 5C will feature a range of colour options and may be launched as early as September 10.

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