Brother PJ-673 mobile printer designed for iPhones, iPads


Japanese printer manufacturer Brother has just launched a super-compact thermal printer said to be specifically designed for the squillions of iPad and iPhone owners called the Brother PJ-673.

Essentially a fax machine-like print engine that travels, the PocketJet PJ-673 connects to your iPhone or iPad via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection (connection exclusively between your device and the printer) and can print up to full A4 page size with a resolution max of 300 dots per inch (dpi).

According to Brother, it spits pages out at up to six per minute (6ppm), can handle cut pages or thermal rolls and it also has a USB connection.

While it’s not likely a product everyone will want to keep in their back pocket, it could be well suited to vertical/niche application markets where professionals may need a portable printer that doesn’t rely on inkjet or laser technology.

There’s no word on whether this one is battery-powered and if so, what sort of battery life it can deliver.

However, we know the PJ-673 doesn’t come cheap – in Australia, it’s expected to retail for $749. But if you need something to print direct from your iPad or iPhone, this might be one solution you can carry with you. That said, for $749, I could be tempted to wait until I got back in the office to print that important document…

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