AirCast app gets content from your Android phone to Chromecast dongle


Google’s Chromecast dongle has grabbed plenty of attention in the US and around the world, but the device itself is somewhat limited to more remote-control like use rather than direct-streaming possible with alternatives such as Miracast.

However, developer¬†Koushik Dutta of ‘clockworkmod’ fame has reversed engineered the Chromecast protocols and has release a first-up ‘test build’ of an app called AirCast that makes it possible to stream content – music, video, images – direct to the Chromecast dongle over your Wi-Fi network.

Not only can you stream content from your Android phone or tablet, but content can also come from cloud sources including Dropbox and Google Drive.

According to, Dutta eventually hopes to work with the CyanogenMod team to allow streaming of any content to a Chromecast dongle – it’ll be interesting if ‘any content’ could also mean gaming.

At this stage, the test build is only set to work for two days, after which time it self-destructs – the idea is that you give it a test and report back any bugs. However, given the progress, it’s unlikely we’ll be waiting long for the full version to go up on Google Play. One of the key benefits of Dutta’s reverse-engineering work is that he’s no longer working with the Chromecast or MediaRouter software development kits (SDKs), which would’ve prevented him releasing a Chromecast-streaming app on Google Play.

And if you’re wondering, yes, it appears, AirCast has gone through a number of name changes in its short life, starting off as ‘MyCast’ before becoming ‘AllCast’ and finally ‘AirCast’.

At this stage, there is a known bug inside the app when working with some Gallery apps including the HTC One example.

If you have a Chromecast dongle and you’re interested in trying out AirCast, you can download the test version direct from

At this stage, Chromecast is only officially available in the US although, there are a number of retailers selling the $35 ARM-class CPU-powered dongle outside of the US.

See the app in action in this YouTube video.

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