Q&A: CX-919 1080p custom ROM freezing?

cx919Q: Is there a reason why the 1080p custom ROM in my CX-919 keeps freezing?

A: Unfortunately, this is a question where the correct answer could fall through a gap wide enough for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The reality is there are any number of reasons why the ROM could freeze – it could be a problem with the ROM kernel, the app you’re trying to run. It could well be the CX-919 is getting too hot and shutting down. The ROM could be overclocked.

Running a 1080p (1920×108-pixel) ROM will require the Rockchip CPU to process nearly double the screen pixels per second, compared with the usual 720p (1280×720-pixel) ROMs installed on these devices. That’ll increase the power consumption but also increase heat production. These mini PCs are usually designed with not a great deal of thermal overhead so the chip could simply be overheating. There are a few ways to check this out – first, if you can, get a fan in front of the mini PC and see if that makes any noticeable difference. If the mini PC runs for longer before freezing, the odds are pretty likely that overheating is the issue.

If it’s failing on video playback consistently, try a different video player app if possible – there are plenty on Google Play that’ll do the job. Our favourite is MX Player.

If it’s failing on Netflix, there are known issues with some ROMs where the Netflix player displays garbled video on some mini PCs.

Basically, running a custom 1080p ROM is generally beyond the capabilities of most USB stick-style models without some form of assisted cooling. Freaktab.com is home to a number of mods for these devices that their owners have tried, often including custom heatsinks and 30/40mm fans to cool the on-board CPU.

At worst, it may well be worth trying a 720p ROM and seeing if you get more reliable results with that instead.


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