Q&A: How do I get analog audio out from a mini PC?

hdmi2avQ: How do I get analog audio out from a mini PC?

A: Your best bet is if the unit has a composite AV output – just grab a 3.5mm TRRS to three RCA cable and the white and red RCA plugs will give you stereo audio (the yellow is video).

But if all you have is HDMI output, there may be a couple of options.

First, an HDMI to composite AV converter box will do the trick, but you’ll lose your HDMI output as the converter box will only give you composite video output, which is nowhere near as good.

The other option that MIGHT work is to plug in a USB audio module. You can pick these up for about $2 including shipping on eBay, but there’s no guarantee they’ll work. We’ve plugged one into a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and it instantly switches the phone’s internal audio circuitry off and routes the audio through the USB sound module. But plugging the same unit into an MK802 mini PC produced nothing. So at best, it’s a bit hit-and-miss, depending on whether the relevant kernel driver software has been backed into the mini PC’s ROM firmware.

Another option if the mini PC has Bluetooth is to use a Bluetooth audio dongle – you pair the audio dongle to your mini PC’s Bluetooth adapter and transmit the audio that way, giving you a stereo analog audio output at the other end. Bluetooth audio dongles sell on eBay for under $10 including shipping. You might even be able to get a USB Bluetooth adapter working with the mini PC via your USB hub and the Bluetooth audio dongle giving you the audio. But that’s a bit like smacking a walnut with a sledgehammer.

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