Measy U2C-D turns a TV stick mini PC into a desktop computer


One of the problems with USB stick-style mini PCs is how to hold them effectively when there are cables coming and going all over the place – and especially when the mini PC has a camera. Mini PC brand Measy has come up with a unique solution called the Measy U2C-D and while it looks to be primarily designed for its own mini PCs, we can’t see why it wouldn’t work for any HDMI plug-chassis style model as well.

It’s basically a docking bay for a mini PC that provides two HDMI outputs, three USB2.0 host ports plus external DC power and switch. There’s even a full-sized SD card slot. What’s really clever about it is that the top HDMI socket appears to swivel, allowing you to sit your mini PC on its side so that its camera can be used.

There are USB 2.0 host and microUSB cables underneath that plug the mini PC’s power and USB ports into the dock.

We found this one floating around on eBay for just $16 including shipping. (This particular seller doesn’t seem to have many left so if you want one you’d better get in quick).

If you’ve got a USB stick-style mini PC and you’re looking for a low-cost way of turning this into a fully fledged computer, this looks to be a really interesting way to do it.

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