Olimex launches new iMX233 OLinuXino Nano mini PC with built-in Li-po charger


Embedded computer board maker Olimex has launched a number of low-cost mini computer boards over the last few years but it recently announced the new iMX233 OLinuXino Nano that’s about half the size of a Raspberry Pi.

The board runs Freescale’s iMX233 ARM9 at 454MHz with 64MB of RAM and a MicroSD card slot. There’s also a USB host port to plug in and control other devices.

The clever feature in this one is its ability not only to run via a 3.7V Lithium-polymer battery, it also incorporates a Li-po charger. There’s also a step-up DC-DC voltage converter to turn the 3.7VDC from the Li-po battery into 5VDC to run the USB.

At this stage, the company expects production to have started by late July 2013 (it was announced in late June) but there’s been no word as yet, other than the company blog saying it expects the Nano to be priced similar to the iMX233 OLinuXino Micro board, which sells for EUR24 (about $40).

While the iMX233-class boards are often compared to the Raspberry Pi, Olimex is at pains to point out these boards come with open-source CAD files so you can make your own whereas the Raspberry Pi board designs have yet to be released. There’s also no restriction to making or selling these boards for your own profit.

And according to Olimex, the iMX233 is capable of acting as a control board for RepRap-class 3D printers, however, you’ll still need the Stepper Driver board to run the 3D printer’s stepper motors.

According to EETimes, you can run Linux with an Apache web server on this board and as that site points out, the Nano is a much easier to fit into your pocket than a Raspberry Pi.


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