Is OVO a Chromecast/Miracast combo?

ovoIt looks like an egg but this new Indigogo project aims to deliver what its devs are calling the ‘First Autoplay Online Video Player and App’ in a compact little mini PC-like device called OVO.

The device is an on-line media player controlled by the OVO-Q app. If it sort-of sounds a bit like Chromecast, a little bit like Miracast (read about the difference here), that’s not an inaccurate way to describe it.

The technology behind the mini PC-like device sounds pretty similar too. While the OVO Team hasn’t fully divulged the device’s specs, it’s runs what’s described as a Full HD Media Processor with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 2GB of on-board flash. It runs an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi controller with an HDMI v1.4 plug on the end of it. Not too dissimilar to Google’s Chromecast.

ovo-2The key, like Chromecast, is in the software and this is where it differs slightly. The OVO-Q app will allow users to select online videos for later playback by the OVO device on your TV. The OVO-Q app basically lets you create an online video playlist and the OVO plays that list back. The device relies on its own Cloud service to store the playlist information. OVO will also have versions of its app for iOS and Android devices.

You can get behind the project on Indiegogo. If you’re really quick, $39 will secure you an ‘early bird’ price for an OVO player while there will be a standard price of $49 during the backing period which ends on August 30. However, at this stage, they’re only shipping to the US, Canada, the EU and Taiwan – shipping to the US and Taiwan is free, $20 for the EU and Canada. Delivery is estimated in October this year.

The project is looking to raise $100,000 by August 30 with just over $18,000 raised on August 2.

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