Inctel IN-I160C X86 mini PC goes for $94 plus shipping

inctelThe Atom N270 processor was the first genuine ‘netbook’ CPU from Intel and rode the netbook wave for much of 2008 and 2009. Today, that old 1.6GHz single-core CPU is still getting a run inside new low-cost ‘thin client’ PCs coming out of China. These models began appearing late in 2012 with prices of around $120, but with the march of time, we’ve just seen the first one – an Inctel IN-I160C model – become available for under $100.

Inctel’s IN-I160C matches the two-piece aluminium chassis design we’ve seen before and includes Intel’s Atom N270 CPU on an Intel 945GC chipset-based motherboard.

Note, this is a bare-bones system – there’s no memory or hard drive included. However, like most Atom-powered netbooks of the era, the IN-I160C will take up to 2GB of RAM. There’s a SATA port, able to handle an internal drive up to 500GB.

Peripheral port coverage appears to be pretty decent too – since the 945GC includes Intel’s integrated graphics engine, you get a VGA output up to 1920×1080-pixel resolution alongside four USB2.0 ports and RJ45 Fast Ethernet networking. There doesn’t appear to be any wireless networking built-in but we imagine you could add that in over USB. For some reason, this one also includes dual 9-pin DB9 serial port sockets on one end. And you’ll find a PS/2 port for a keyboard or mouse.

Power consumption is rated at 13-watts and it’s said to handle Windows XP or Windows 7.

We’ve found this one available on Aliexpress for $94 plus shipping.

ModelInctel IN-I160C
ProcessorIntel Atom N270 single-core X86
ClockUp to 1.6GHz
GPU typeIntel (integrated)
Operating systemNone (Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux supported)
RAMNone (up to 2GB supported)
Internal storageNone (up to 500GB via SATA port)
External storageVia USB
Wi-Fi connectivityNone (inc. RJ45 Ethernet)
No./type of USB ports4 x USB2.0
HDMI form factorNone (VGA output, up to 1920×1080-pixel)
Dimensions210 x 140 x 40mm
Weight850 grams
Announce Date2012

Essentially, it’s a 2009-era netbook without the keyboard or screen.

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