Beware when buying HDMI to VGA adapters


With the rise of mini PCs, there’s been plenty of interest in ways to get the HDMI output of these devices connected up to old VGA monitors many of us still have lying around.

While prices for HDMI to VGA adapters have fallen dramatically over the last year or so, you need to be careful you don’t go too low.

At the very bottom of the market, you’ll find a number of HDMI to VGA cables – basically just a multi-wire cable with an HDMI plug on one end and a VGA plug on the other.

These will NOT work on mini PCs. Frankly, we don’t know why these cables exist – HDMI is a digital signal while VGA is analog. You cannot convert one to another via cable only. So while you might only pay $3 including shipping for one of these, you’re basically doing your money.

hdml2vgaWe’ve looked at HDMI to VGA adapters previously on Minipute. You need an actual converter box like the one pictured – you need extra electronics convert the signal from digital to analog form. They’re usually powered by the HDMI port (not much power is needed) and generally have a DB15-type VGA port on the other end.

We found the adapter pictured here for under $7 including shipping on eBay, so make sure you check before you buy. The extra few dollars will make all the difference.

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