MINIX Mini HD delivers dual-core Atom PC for under $120

minixminihdChinese computing brand MINIX is probably better known for its range of popular mini PCs but it’s now begun branching out into more traditional PC territory in a not-so-traditional way with the new MINIX Mini HD PC.

The new slimline build features an Intel NM10-chipset motherboard driving a 1.8GHz dual-core Atom D2550 CPU with HyperThreading. The board comes with two what-look-to-be SO-DIMM slots but oddly, retailer says its only good for 4GB of system memory, which sounds slightly odd. As it is, the Mini HD comes with no RAM or storage but with two SATA2 ports, there’s no shortage of options.

Just like there’s no shortage of ports on this one – integrated video out comes via HDMI and VGA ports, but you also get six USB ports, two of them USB3.0 and dual Gigabit Ethernet. And for those looking for a bit of old-time support, there’s even two PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports.

Given the compact case, what’s surprising is there’s actually room to lay a 3.5-inch drive horizontally, sitting above the power supply at the back in an east-west direction.┬áBut as liliputing points out, what’s arguably more impressive than anything else is the price – only $120. Yes, you do have to add in the cost of keyboard, mouse, monitor, storage, RAM and Windows license (or possibly Linux), but for a lightweight PC, it’s still a good price.

This isn’t the first low-cost slimline Atom-based PC to hit the market for under $150. Chinese brand Kingdel has been producing Intel Atom N270 thin client-style systems at a similar price since last year but with MINIX offering a dual-core/HyperThreaded CPU, it looks to be pretty decent value for the price.

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