Rikomagic issues MK802IV Wi-Fi connection fix

mk802ivwifiThe MK802IV was one of the first quad-core TV stick mini PCs on the market, but one problem that has affected at least some models has been an issue with Wi-Fi connection.

The problem has reached a stage where Rikomagic itself has had to issue an MK802IV Wi-Fi connection fix with what has to be said is a very basic self-help guide on fixing the problem.

The fix appears to require opening up the unit and physically inspecting the antenna wiring. The assumption is that you’ll be able to fix whatever differences you find between your model and the photo but it gives no indication as to what the problems could be or how to fix them.

Forum reports are suggesting updating to Android 4.2 is causing some issues as well with some recommending sticking with Android 4.1.

However, Rikomagic says once you’ve checked and somehow fixed the wiring to look like the photo, it also recommends installing a new firmware available from the Rikomagic website. The software fix is dated 20130620 (June 20).

Since the release of the MK802IV, a number of TV stick style mini PCs have become available with external Wi-Fi antennas, although if the MK802IV’s issues revolve around soldering, external antenna placement won’t solve that.

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