Quad-core Hi705 TV stick mini PC packs in 2MP camera, external Wi-Fi antenna socket

hi705There’s generally little extra room in a USB stick-style mini PC to include anything exotic but this little Hi705 manages to include far more than we’ve seen from any other stick-style mini PC.

First up, it comes with a 2MP image sensor built into the chassis face – you can pretty much count the number stick-style mini PCs with a camera on one finger. However, it also manages to include a Wi-Fi antenna socket. The fact it has an external Wi-Fi antenna is not unusual, but what is unusual is that its socketed so you can choose your own antenna.

As for the rest of the unit, it’s another built around Rockchip’s quad-core RK3188 Cortex A9 SoC CPU and is accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 8GB of flash, preloaded with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). That storage can be expanded via MicroSD card, up to 32GB per card. Wi-Fi support includes 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 but again, just check your model before you buy. Did I forget to mention the microphone? It has one of these too.

What makes things just a wee bit more complicated is the fact that there’s actually two versions of this thing on the market – this new quad-core model and a previous Rockchip RK3066 version. Apart from the SoC CPU, the other main difference is the composite AV output you get with the dual-core version – it’s just to the side of the HDMI plug, a 3.5mm TRRS (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) socket. This is not included in the quad-core release, so watch for that trap when you’re going to buy. So why was it removed from the quad-core version? Good question. Possibly a lack of room on a redesigned PCB? Who knows? But I’d be tempted by the dual-core version just for the composite AV output, hoping it’s decent enough to use.

Another difference we’ve spotted is the quad-core model has Bluetooth 4.0 whereas the dual-core only version 2.1. Both models have Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

The RK3066 version is sometimes labelled ‘B13′ Hi705 but its available on Aliexpress for around $60 while the quad-core RK3188 model without the composite AV output is around $90 including shipping.

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