More shots of new budget iPhone cases emerge


New shots are continuing to emerge of Apple’s impending budget iPhone, with this shot being published by gsmarena¬†earlier today and sourced from Taiwanese Apple fan site AppleDaily. The shot backs up the growing rumour that the new lower-cost iPhone will come in five ‘fruity’ flavours (actually, the ‘fruity’ bit comes from us).

We’ve seen enough of these shots now to think they’d have to be reasonably genuine – or put it this way, they look pretty convincing if they’re fakes. Mind you, it’s amazing what you can do with a 3D printer these days…

Originally, the rumour was Apple was planning on a $99 iPhone to counter the market leeching away towards lower-cost Android phones. However, in more recent times, market analysts are believing the phone will come into the mid-range market somewhere in the area of $300-$350.

While these continual backshot images are all fine and nice and everything, we still don’t know much about the hardware inside this phone and how much Apple will be prepared to throw into it. The phone giant will need to play it carefully, or else, see sales leech away from its more profitable flagship phone.

Still, the latest rumour on that score is that Apple will have three versions of its budget phone – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB – with each model having the same hardware otherwise. The pricing raffle is so far $349 for the 16GB version, $449 for the 32GB and $549 for the 64GB model. According to gsmarena, it believes the phones will appear in September. So we’ll just have to wati until then.


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