Q&A: How do I go from miniHDMI to DVI?

minihdmi2dviQ: I have a new mini PC but it has an HDMI socket that’s smaller than normal. I also want to put it in a monitor that doesn’t have HDMI. What do I do?

A. What you’ve probably got is what’s called a ‘miniHDMI’ port, the same thing as an HDMI port, just smaller. But in order to connect this to your monitor – I’m assuming we’re talking about an LCD monitor here – you’ll need either an HDMI or DVI port available. If you don’t have the former, I’m going to assume you’ve got the latter.

In that case, what you need is a miniHDMI to DVI cable – you can find these on eBay for around $7-$10 and they should do the job. Most of these cables at this price are six-foot/two-metres long – if you need longer than that, you might be in luck but it’ll cost you more.

Another alternative is to use a standard HDMI to DVI cable and attach a miniHDMI to HDMI adapter on the HDMI plug. It’ll likely be more expensive because your using multiple connections. But either option should work well – it’s just a matter of what’s available to you and what’s more convenient.

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