HOW-TO: Connect up an NTFS drive to a mini PC

usbotghelperMini PCs are great for using as compact wireless media players and just general low-cost computers, but if they have a fault, its their inability to handle NTFS hard drives straight out of the box. Android (at least as of 4.0) doesn’t support it so if you have an older MK802 or similar mini PC, accessing files stored on NTFS-formatted drives is impossible. Actually, it’s not.

So the question is how can you connect up an NTFS drive to a mini PC?

All you need is the free USB OTG Helper app from Google Play. It comes with built-in NTFS support and allows you to mount and unmount USB drives that are formatted with NTFS so that other apps such as MX Player or ES File Explorer can access them.

The one downside is that it needs root access to your mini PC, otherwise it can’t work. But other than that, it’s pretty easy to use – just plug in your drive, fire up USB OTG Helper and press the MOUNT button at the bottom of the screen. Provided it can access the drive, it will mount it as a file system under /mnt/sdcard/UsbOtgDrives/. From there, you can do whatever you want with it.

When you’re done, just go back into USB OTG Helper, press the UNMOUNT button and you can remove the drive. Easy.

So the next time you want to get access to files on an NTFS-formatted drive on your mini PC, just make sure you have USB OTG Helper and you should be fine.

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