Q&A: Who makes Apple’s iPad tablets?


Q. Who makes Apple’s iPad tablets? I’ve seen a few ads for Chinese brands that talk about iPad mini screens. Is this for real? Who makes Apple iPads?

A. Contracts to make Apple products are worth more than gold to tablet manufacturers and Apple itself is very choosy about who it gets to make its products. Our understanding from a recent news report is that 2013 iPads are currently manufactured by Foxconn Electronics and Pegatron, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who make products, such as phones and notebook computers, for a huge range of global computer brands. But the word is Apple has just signed on another manufacturer in Wistron for 2014.

If you’re seeing other brands advertising Apple iPad technology, you’d probably want to question it. It may be similar in general specification to the Apple product but it’s unlikely to be exactly the same components Apple uses. We understand that a reasonable amount of iPad components are or have been made by Samsung (memory, processors and formerly touchscreen panels)

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