Chess for Raspberry Pi – in ASM with no operating system


The compact, low-cost computer that is the Raspberry Pi has already spawned what seems like a million different great ideas, everything from space photography to 3D printing. But in some aspects, many of these ideas have been made possible by the excellent Raspbian and other Linux operating systems that exist for it.

But the Raspberry Pi team today found out about a group who turned a Pi into a game of chess. Sure, that doesn’t sound too exciting you might think – until you hear that they wrote the chess app with its graphics user interface in assembler (machine code if you like) and without an operating system.

As Liz over at the Pi Foundation rightly points out, neither of those things is easy to do. Check out their YouTube presentation at the jump.

But given the Pi sells for only $US25, it’s actually an ideal tool for learning how to create embedded applications, which essentially is what Xu Ji,┬áBora Mollamustafaoglu and Gun Pinyo have managed to do with their Chess app. Sure, you could argue that they’re turning it into a glorified Arduino – except an Arduino doesn’t come with 512MB of RAM, HDMI video output and a 32-bit ARM11 CPU to play with.

Writing your own assembler and bootloading it into a CPU is no easy task so congrats to these guys for pulling it off.


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