ASUS PQ321 4K monitor goes on pre-order for just $3500

asuspq321One of the more popular products that turned up at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was ASUS’ new PQ321 monitor, although it wasn’t just the 31.5-inch size that impressed.

The PQ321 looks set to become the first 4K monitor to go on sale (yes, TVs are available, but not PC monitors). With 3840×2160-pixel resolution, you’re going to struggle to find hardware capable of running it, let alone finding any content to play on it. According to DigitalTrends, the panel is based on a Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) design and comes with a 176-degree viewing angle, almost as good as a standard decent I-PS LCD panel.

Providing a new display panel technology, not to mention the pixel density for this size of monitor doesn’t come cheap and the word is it won’t.¬†Despite that, pre-sale orders for the ASUS PQ321¬†are now being taken by a number of online retailers including Amazon and NewEgg and it’s believed ASUS will begin shipping the monitors as soon as July 16.

And the price? A cool $3500. Probably not the sort of thing you’d buy to throw a mini PC on, one suspects…

If you’re wondering what PC graphics card you’d need to run this with, PCPerspective ran some tests at 4K on a Seiko TV with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680 and AMD’s Radeon 7970 and 7990 graphics cards. But put it this way, at this resolution, a single GTX 680 card is barely going to hit 25fps on Crysis 3 so expect to spend some cash on SLI or Crossfire card speed if you want to game at this pixelcount.

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