HP to have another go at smartphones? Seriously?

hpphoneUS computing giant Hewlett-Packard caused a few raised eyebrows when one of its executives announced that HP will get back into the smartphone market – some time.

Yam Su Yin, who heads up HP’s consumer PC and tablet division in Asia recently told the Indian press that the company ‘had to be in the game’ when it comes to smartphones.

“The answer is yes but I cannot give a timetable. It would be silly if we say no. HP has to be in the game,” Su Yin said.

HP’s last foray into the mobile computing market didn’t turn out so well – it purchased the WebOS operating system in buying handheld maker Palm for US$1.2billion in 2010, launched its own 10.1-inch tablet in 2011 and promptly folded the whole operation. In Australia, the tablet was on sale for just four days before the company closed its tablet business. The WebOS-based tablets that were selling for around $500 only days before, found themselves hot sellers during the subsequent fire sale when they were sold off for as little as $99. Since then, happy owners have been able to run Ubuntu Linux and Android.

If indeed HP is getting back into the phone/tablet market, it can’t afford to be half-hearted about it in a market that is far more competitive than it was back in 2011. Still, HP is one of the few big-name technology companies that has the pedigree to make a decent go of it. Let’s just hope is shows more resolve next time than it did with WebOS.

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