$6 USB battery pack could power a mini PC for up to 11 hours

usbpower1Portable power is a bit of a thing of mine and the easy availability of low-cost Lithium-ion USB battery packs makes them an intriguing choice for powering mini PCs in offline applications.

A basic single-core mini PC like the original MK802 or CX-01 with their mix of Cortex A8 and A5 SoC CPUs might not cut it against the quad-core flyers we see now, but they still provide low-power computing speed that can be suitable for some outdoor and portable situations.

I’ve built a special USB power rig that allows me to measure the DC current flowing through a USB port and hooking up my MK802, the average boot current was around 320-350mA. By the time the MK802 had completed its boot sequence and was sitting on the Android desktop, the power consumption had dropped to just 170mA – and that include the Wi-Fi powered up.

I then tried my MK808 dual-core mini PC – it used around 350mA, again, during boot up but I’ve modified this one to automatically boot into XBMC and here with the app on-screen, the current draw peaked at 600mA but averaged around 550mA.

I spied this 3.7V/2600mA USB battery pack selling online from banggood.com for just $5.99 but you can find them aplenty on eBay for a similar price.

Given its capacity and current draw of an MK802, there’s potentially enough power in one of these to last up to 11 hours. That’s not bad for a tiny little battery pack not much larger larger than a AA cell.

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2 comments for “$6 USB battery pack could power a mini PC for up to 11 hours

  1. yeahman45
    July 7, 2013 at 3:25 am

    i wanted to buy one of those but they don’t have any indicator of much battery is left right? so no way to know when to charge them until they are dead

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