Homebrew case upgrade for MK802IV mini PC

mk802ivcaseOne of the issues with some quad-core mini PCs is heat production. Weather you try to overclock the SoC CPU or swap the ROM for a higher resolution 1080p option, extra heat is produced as a result.

One mini PC owner at freaktab.com has come up with his own homebrew case upgrade for the MK802IV mini PC.

Stripping the circuitboard out of its original case, [BrunoNRG] took his MK802IV and loaded its contents into a Mini MagLite case, adding what we believe is a small 5VDC fan into the mix.

According to [BrunoNRG], the MK802IV does not include a CPU heatsink in its original design so the fan blows cool air straight onto the CPU. According to his results, the CPU is cold to touch during operation and runs cooler than the flash storage.

At the moment, few mini PCs come with Full HD ROMs (firmware that enables them to run at 1920×1080-pixel resolution by default to suit most big-screen TVs). Instead, they typically run at 720p (1280×720-pixel) resolution, despite having the capacity to run at the higher mode. Part of the reason we believe is a reduction in application speed but we think the extra heat production due to greater processing demands could be another reason.

Whatever the case, this is one way around any overheating issues.

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