Apple signs 2014 CPU manufacture deal with TSMC: report

iphone5As relations between Samsung and Apple appear to show no signs of thawing any time soon, the US computing giant looks set to at least partially extricate itself from its technology marriage with Samsung manufacturing for its CPUs.

According to engadget and the Wall Street Journal, Apple has signed a deal this month with Taiwanese fab lab TSMC to begin manufacturing its A-series CPUs beginning in 2014.

However, the process of switching from Samsung to TSMC hasn’t been smooth sailing with the WSJ reporting TSMC has had trouble manufacturing the chips to achieve Apple’s power and clock speed requirements – at least until now.

The move comes as Apple and Samsung have spent millions in legal claims and counterclaims of intellectual property use over the last 12 months.

The problem for Apple is that it relied heavily on Samsung to provide not only CPU production but also screen technology for its popular iPhone and iPad devices.

While the company reportedly spends less with Samsung on its touchscreen panels these days, now sourcing these from other manufacturers, it still can’t get by without Samsung for a significant amount of technology inside its prized products including memory, flash storage and its CPU fabrication.

The move to TSMC may be yet another small but significant step in unbundling its future from being tied up with its top global competitor.

Both brands compete in the smartphone space with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Mega series up against the iPhone 5 while in tablets, the Galaxy series goes up against Apple’s market-leading ipad and iPad mini models.

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