MiniX Mini HD PC selling for $119 plus shipping

minixminihdMini PC brand MiniX has produced a number of designs over the last year or so and online retailer is now selling the MiniX Mini HD PC for $119 excluding shipping.

This is an x86 system built around Intel’s Atom D2550 dual-core CPU with no storage or RAM – you just get the basic system box and the rest is up to you. But compared with most ARM-class CPUs, the Atom D2550 should still offer enough speed to turn over a Windows operating system.

The system has two DIMM slots and two SATA2 ports to build up your PC.

It’s also well appointed for peripheral ports including VGA and HDMI output, two USB3.0 ports, four USB2.0 ports and dual Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet connections.

There’s even a PCIe x1 expansion slot inside the box.

The motherboard is built around Intel’s NM10 chipset, typically used in netbooks.

Atom-based mini PCs like this have been popping up online in recent times and the MiniX model is just one example. Take a look on eBay for ‘Atom PC’ and you’ll find a number of examples from brands like Zotac that are similar but at a slightly higher price of around $150 plus shipping.

And if you’re thinking about a low-cost mini PC, don’t forget the old netbook itself. They have been well and truly killed off by low-cost Android tablets, but you’ll find HP models in particular still floating around for around the $200 mark. Remember that the MiniX HD Mini PC will still need hard drive and RAM that will push the all-up build price to around $200 by the time you’re done. So a fully built netbook for around the same price might not be such a bad idea. And you get the benefit of portability and battery power (or battery backup, depending on how you intend to use it).

Whether a netbook can match the Atom D2550 CPU for speed is another question.


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