Linux Mint announces Core i5-powered MintBox 2


Linux Mint has become one of the most popular flavours of Linux over recent years, and regularly nudges past Ubuntu as the world’s favourite Linux distro.

According to liliputing, the team at Linux Mint, in collaboration with CompuLab, are about to launch a new version of its MintBox mini PC called the MintBox 2. However, this time, it’s packing in some serious performance.

Two previous versions of the MintBox – the MintBox Basic and MintBox Pro – were both built around AMD T-series APUs. This time, the MintBox 2 will feature an Intel Core i5 processor, which is said to deliver more than four times the speed of the MintBox Pro and more than seven times that of the MintBox Basic.

The MintBox 2 will include 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, dual Gigabit Ethernet and be covered by a five-year warranty.

While there was said to be some thought about using a Core i7 CPU, it was decided the 5% extra performance gain wasn’t worth the added cost that would’ve pushed the price beyond the $800 mark.

At this stage, it’s not clear just which Core i5 processor will be used, but given the chassis structure, it’s unlikely to be a desktop-grade chip and more likely to be a notebook or possibly a CULV Core i5 processor but this has not been confirmed.

The MintBox 2 will go on sale shortly from for $599 including shipping and fees.

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