ICOO D70Pro III delivers dual-core I-PS tablet for €50

d7pro3Chinese brand ICOO has released a number of tablets over the last year, but is readying one of the cheapest dual-core models in its new ICOO D70Pro III.

Compared to other low-cost models we’ve seen, this one doesn’t look too bad – its a 7.0-inch chassis but with an I-PS display panel with 1024×600-pixel resolution.

It’s powered by Allwinner’s A20 dual-core Cortex A7 SoC CPU with built-in Mali-400 MP2 dual-core graphics.

As androidpc.es points out though, the D70Pro III is a follow-up to the D70Pro II but it’s not an improvement across the board.

While the D70Pro III has an improved screen that is now based on in-plane switching technology for better colours and greater viewing angles, the D70Pro II featured Rockchip’s RK3066, an SoC CPU built on ARM’s faster Cortex A9 architecture. So the bottom line is, you’re getting an improved screen but you’re sacrificing a little in performance to get it.

The other issue is now with an I-PS screen, there’ll be added temptation to try out some Android gaming – however, the D7Pro III is unlikely to perform as well as its predecessor here either. Rockchip’s RK3066 dual-core CPU in the D7Pro II features the quad-core Mali-400 MP4 graphics core from ARM whereas the Allwinner A20 inside the D7Pro III only features the dual-core Mali-400 MP2. The Mali-400 isn’t a bad GPU (there are faster ones available), but certainly four of these GPU cores has to be better than two.

According to sources, the D7Pro III is expected to go on sale for €50, making it one of the cheapest dual-core/I-PS screen tablets available.



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