Leef Bridge USB flash drive works with PCs and smartphones

leefWe’ve already seen one of these┬ábut it looks like you can expect to see more hitting the market.

Dual-connector USB flash drives aren’t common yet but they make a lot of sense when you want to transfer files from a computer to a smartphone without having to worry about syncing up the devices or the security hassles that can occur.

According to liliputing, the Leef Bridge is USB2.0 HighSpeed flash drive that comes into two capacity sizes – 16Gb and 32GB. It features a two-way slide switch : slide it in one direction to reveal a type-A plug; slide it the other to reveal a microUSB plug.

The 16GB version sells for $17.99 and the 32GB model for $28.99.

It’s a convenient option because you don’t need to worry about conversion cables, but a cheaper option is just to pick up for yourself a USB OTG cable – we’ve looked at these recently for connecting up a Sony PS3 game controller to your Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. They’re as cheap as you can get – less than $2 including shipping from one of the many Chinese retailers selling them on eBay.

Provided the phone or tablet supports OTG and the standard mass storage device driver, it’d be a pretty safe bet that it’d handle just about any USB flash drive. You just have the added hassle of carrying your OTG cable with you.

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