Verbatim launches new USB power packs

usbpowerpackusbdualpowerpackStorage brand Verbatim has continued to expand beyond its roots and has just released a new range of USB power packs into the Australian market.

The series of devices provide a choice of replaceable or simply rechargeable power packs that deliver USB power to a range of devices including smartphones and tablets.

The cheapest and arguably most versatile of the lot is the AA Power Pack. It’ll take four alkaline or NiMH cells and produce a 5VDC output at up to 1000mA. The device also is clever enough to handle voltage inputs from 3V to 6VDC and maintain a regulated 5V output. It’ll sell for $29.95.

For something with a built-in Lithium-ion battery, the Dual USB Power Pack features a whopping great 10000mAh (10Ah) Lithium-ion battery. It can charge via USB (requires up to 1A current) and can deliver 5VDC @ 2.1A for charging your iPhone or iPad. The built-in battery is a single-cell (3.7V) Lithium-ion type so it uses what’s called a Step-up DC-DC converter to generate the 5VDC USB voltage required.

That gives it around 37-watt-hours capacity so it won’t have enough to fully charge a new-generation iPad but it should be able to recharge your iPhone a couple of times over before needing a recharge itself. The internal battery is said to be good for 500 recharge cycles. This one will set you back $99.95.

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