Review – Measy RC11 Fly Mouse


REVIEW: Measy RC11 Fly Mouse
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Price: $27 (eBay)

Pros: uses AAA batteries rather than buttons, 2.4GHz receiver included
Cons: keyboard keys are not much more than membrane buttons; a bit stiff too

Remote controlling your mini PC is something there are multiple ways to achieve.

One standalone method is to use a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard. We looked at the Logitech K700 recently and while it does the job, it’s better suited as a proper desktop keyboard.

If you’re considering something more for the loungeroom, this Measy RC11 is commonly bundled with the mini PCs on eBay for around $75-$90. We picked up ours on its own for under $30.

Setup is as simple as you can get – plug the 2.4GHz receiver USB dongle into the mini PC’s USB port (either direct or via a hub), load in three fresh AAA batteries into the Fly Mouse, boot up your mini PC and away it goes.

If you plan to use your mini PC connected to a big-screen TV, you can plug the receiver dongle straight into the mini PC, hide it out of the way and use the Fly Mouse as soon as it boots.

You’ll find the USB receiver dongle tucked inside the battery compartment.

There are two versions of this mouse – this RC11 that’s split into a ‘two hander’ control, or the RC12, which is more a mini version of the Logitech K700. The difference here is the built-in accelerometer that allows you to move the mouse by just holding the RC11, pressing the centre Android button and waving it in the air. The keyboard itself uses stiff microswitches that, while functional, aren’t speedy to use.

Still, it does the job for a reasonable price.

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