Cubietruck delivers dual-core mini PC with VGA, HDMI output

cubietruckThe Cubieteam has been around for nearly a year and they’re readying their second open-source mini PC design called the Cubietruck.

The compact design is powered by Allwinner’s dual-core A20 Cortex A7 SoC CPU and comes with 1GB of DDR memory.

What’s impressive about this one is that it’ll be loaded with storage options – NAND flash on-board, plus up to two MicroSD cards. But the real coup is the SATA2 interface that will have enough power to run a 2.5-inch hard drive for up to 1TB of storage space. You’ll even be able to run a 3.5-inch SATA drive if you wish but you’ll need to supply an external 12VDC input. As it is, the Cubietruck will be need a 5VDC@2.5A power input if a 2.5-inch hard drive is included.

It’s also well stocked for video output, including HDMI and, wisely, VGA output. One of the failings of the Raspberry Pi was its lack of VGA video output. Sure, it could be argued that the composite video option enabled it to be used on TVs where it was likely to see more use, but with so many VGA monitors around, having a clean VGA output would’ve provided the ability to have a better viewing experience than TV but with low-cost or even second-hand VGA monitors.

The Cubieteam decided to open-source this design so you’ll be able to download the PCB layouts and manufacture your own.

At this stage, there are no details as to when or if the Cubieteam will be selling this computer-on-a-board but you can get more details over at the Cubieboard website.



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