ROM Roundup – stock & custom Android 4.2 ROMs for MK802IIIS

This is a little sooner than we expected to release another ‘ROM Roundup’ but we thought this one couldn’t wait. has released two new ROMs for the popular Bluetooth-ready MK802IIIS dual-core mini PC.

The first is the official Android 4.2 ROM for these device, the second is a more interesting custom ROM, based on Android 4.2.2.

You can grab both ROMs here, plus instructions on how to setup and flash the device.

What makes the custom option worth the look is a list of nice extras:

* 1 GB for Apps
* 6 GB for Data
* root access
* YouTube app
* Ultra Explorer
* New Slim Launcher for TV Screens
* Stock Launchers
* Init.d Support

The MK802IIIS was the second Rikomagic release to feature Rockchip’s popular first-generation RK3066 dual-core SoC CPU and the first to incorporate Bluetooth. It has since been superseded by models featuring quad-core CPUs such as Allwinner’s A31 and Rockchip’s RK3188.

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