JXD S602B delivers dual-core PSP-style Android gaming


While Microsoft and Sony made plenty of noise at the recent E3 Games Expo in Los Angeles about their respective new gaming consoles, you’d have to imagine both of them will be looking over their shoulder at the slowly rumbling giant that is Android.

For now at least, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 will have the PC as their only competition for serious gaming but casual gaming at least is a highly competitive market that Android and iOS both dominate.

It’s with that background that Chinese brands like JXD are aiming to take on the Android gaming market with their familiar-looking portable gaming consoles.

Androidpc.es has just reported on JXD’s latest release, the new S602B, which bares just a passing resemblance to Sony’s PlayStation Portable. It’s 4.3-inch LCD panel features same 480×272-pixel resolution of previous PSPs but the engine here is Amlogic’s 1.5GHz MX-S dual-core SoC CPU, powering through Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS.

It’s a little light-on for RAM and storage at 512MB and 4GB, respectively but, as Androipc.es points out, the JXD S602B is selling for around $95 including shipping from the likes of Aliexpress.

The Amlogic MX-S is a dual-core Cortex A9 SoC CPU with dual-core Mali-400 MP2 graphics core.

Peripheral interconnect options are quite good with HDMI plus USB2.0 OTG; there’s even a VGA camera on the back.

The main problem for the JXD S602B is that you can find the 5.0-inch/800×480-pixel resolution S5110B version selling for the same price, which means the price here will have to drop significantly for it to compete.

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