Game with a DualShock 3 gamepad on a Galaxy S3 phone


Android gaming is highly addictive but there are times when banging your thumbs against a screen just isn’t ‘gaming’ enough and you need more.

Rather than pull out your gaming console, if you have a Galaxy S3 smartphone with Android 4 or 4.1 operating system installed, here’s how you can connect up a Sony PS3 DualShock 3 controller and use it to play games like Beach Buggy Blitz.

Here’s what you’ll need:

* Galaxy S3 smartphone
* Sony DualShock 3 controller
* USB OTG cable
* USB to miniUSB cable

Here’s what you do:

First step, if you haven’t done so, load Beach Buggy Blitz (BBB) from Google Play. It’s free.


Next, grab the USB to miniUSB cable and plug the miniUSB connector into your DualShock 3 controller.

You can buy the USB OTG (On the Go) cable from eBay (or wherever – they’re about $1 including shipping on eBay).

Take the microUSB end and plug it into your Galaxy S3. Your phone should notify you that a USB cable has been connected.


Now take the Type-A USB plug end of the DualShock 3 cable and plug it into the Type-A socket of the OTG cable. Your controller’s four LEDs should now start flashing away at you.

Next, grab your phone, fire up Beach Buggy Blitz. Let it go through the setup screens and tap the screen when you’re asked to ‘Tap to Play’.


After the animation, you’ll get to the start screen with the big Play button. Second button down on the top-right is the Settings button. Tap it.

Press ‘Controls‘ on the left-side menu and on the top right, use the right- and left-arrows to cycle through to ‘Gamepad‘.

Next, tap on the ‘Steer L‘ control button.


Here’s where you grab your controller and move the left thumb stick left. You’ll know if BBB has recognised the controller if it goes back to the control button screen. Press the ‘Steer R‘ button and move the left thumb stick to the right. It’ll do the same. Choose from among the right thumb buttons for Brake and Recover and when you’re done, just press the X next to the Settings header.

Hit the Play button and while the game level is loading, you should be able to move the left thumb stick of your controller right and left and see the buggy do the same. If so, you’re right to go.

And you’re done – you’re now playing Beach Buggy Blitz using your Sony PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 game controller.

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