Q&A: How do I fix scrambled Netflix on my MK808 mini PC?

mk808Q: How do I get Netflix working on my MK808 mini PC?

A: The Netflix Android app seems to have a problem with the Android 4.2.2 ROM initially released for this mini PC and scrambles the video. Reports of no sound are also common.

The solution is to use a new Android 4.2 ROM released by Geekbuying.com earlier this week. You’ll find the installation information and the download at the Geekbuying.com blog site.

Make sure you have the genuine MK808 and that it’s not the Bluetooth-enabled MK808B – these need different ROMs, otherwise you’ll lose feature access.

The MK808 is a mini PC released late 2012 that features Rockchip’s first-generation dual-core RK3066 SoC CPU. It comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash storage. It was unique in that it came with a miniHDMI socket rather than the increasingly popular HDMI plug. We prefer the socket as the plug, when connected straight into the TV, added some strain the the HDMI socket. These days, most plugged mini PCs now include an extension cable that overcomes that issue.

Since its initial launch, the MK808 has been able to run an ARM version of the Ubuntu Linux distro via MicroSD card slot.

While the Geekbuying.com website has all the details on installing the ROM, in short, you’ll need a paperclip to press the internal recovery button that enables the Windows installation tool to recognise the device and begin loading the new ROM.

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