New Android ROM for MK802IV mini PC fixes bugs


Rikomagic has released a new 20-06-2013 firmware ROM for its MK802IV mini PC to fix previous-missed bugs.

According to, the new ROM fixes a few issues and adds in some partially-useful extras like screenshot.

But the main bug fixes include a fix for a Wi-Fi issue that also affected display connectivity. There’s also a fix for compatibility issues with Logitech webcams.

The ROM can be installed using these instructions (translate in Google Chrome if you need to) and you can download the ROM here.

The MK802IV is the fifth-generation mini PC from makers Rikomagic (the MK802 III, III, + and original MK802 preceeded it) and is powered by Rockchip’s popular RK3188 quad-core SoC CPU ticking over at up to 1.8GHz.

The mini PC comes with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of flash storage, expandable through the on-board MicroSD card slot to another 32GB. It comes with a full-sized HDMI plug but is bundled with a short extension cable so you don’t have to weigh down the HDMI port of your monitor or TV.

The RK3188 quad-core chip has ARM’s reference Mali-400 MP4 quad-core graphics engine inside for gaming and graphics-intensive apps and comes with Android 4.1, although most of the ROM updates will now take this to 4.2.

Wireless is well catered for with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 supported.

It’s available from many online retailers for around $US90 including shipping (more than that and you should shop around).

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1 comment for “New Android ROM for MK802IV mini PC fixes bugs

  1. vgpalmieri
    June 27, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    I also have been in contact with Rikomagic support and in order to solve the 4.2 Wifi bug, they suggested moving the antenna ( upgrading to firmware 0620 ( After that connectivity was finally ok.
    However, my MK802IV is still plagued by the following serious issues:
    1) 1080p bug: playing 1080p movies is not smooth. Rikomagic support attributes this to a not better specified Rockchip bug and says that they are waiting a solution to then implement it in future firmware.
    2) The unit cannot be powered by any USB port on my Samsung UE40D6500 SmartTV (unit boots, but WiFi stops working…)
    3) If I use the supplied 2000mA microUSB power adapter, after powering off from the Android control bar, the MK702II remote is not capable to bring the unit back on and and I have to manually extract and re-insert the microUSB power plug to start it again.
    Until these issues are solved (or at least 1 and 3…) the device is just not usable :-(

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