New MicroUSB flash drive works with phones and PCs

feetekusbThe USB OTG (On the Go) port is a great invention, particularly when it comes to smartphones and tablets, making it easier to copy and transfer files across, anything from photos and movies to Andoird .apk files and custom ROMs.

The problem is though, you still need your phone’s USB cable to sync your phone just to do the transfer. It’s not such a great solution if you want something to just carry data from your phone to a PC or notebook without having to sync it up.

Component manufacturer Feetek Electronics has announced a clever solution – a MicroUSB flash drive that has two connections: a standard Type-A USB plug and a microUSB plug. You plug one side into your phone; the other into your PC (we’ll let you figure out which is which).

The phone has to have OTG support for it to work but that’s increasingly the norm with many new phones and tablets.

Feetek is selling these MicroUSB flash drives silly-cheap – you can pick up the 32GB model for $US19.18 from the factory – the catch is you have to buy at least 500.

There are four models – 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. We know nothing about read and write speeds or any other specs.

But it’s a clever idea and there’s probably little doubt they’ll turn up at online retailers in the near future.

UPDATE: We’re told the write speed is 15-20MB/second and read speed is 5-6MB/second (but we can’t help think these figures are swapped).


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