AMD’s first ARM server chip will be 2GHz 16-core Cortex A57 called ‘Seattle’

amdroadmapWhen AMD announced earlier this year that it would tap ARM Holdings for its architecture to produce a low-power-consumption server chip, most analysts were waiting to see what the chipmaker would come up with.

Well, it looks like AMD won’t be doing things by half.

Codenamed ‘Seattle’, the company today outlined its plans with the chip to be an eight- and 16-core giant SoC CPU ¬†built around ARM’s up-coming 64-bit Cortex A57 design. AMD expects the chip to clock at or greater than 2GHz. It’s also quite happy to state the new server chip will deliver two to four times the speed of its own Opteron X-series server CPUs with what it claims as ‘significant improvements in compute per watt’ (meaning it’ll do more for less electrical power).

Aside from support for up to 128GB of RAM, Seattle will come with plenty of tricks to reduce power consumption including offloading to reduce CPU loading.

The company expects to sample Seattle before April 2014 with production scheduled for the second half of next year.

The market in low-power servers is expected to grow considerably over the next five years as power costs skyrocket and corporations look for ways to reduce their power demands. ARM has been in a running battle with Intel over the last year so, trading barbs over who has the most power-efficient server CPU. In competition, chip giant Intel recently began ratcheting up production of its Avoton-class Atom processors.

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